About us

The Green Society Nepal is a social and environmental non-profit organization. It was established in November 2007 with the following areas of concern:

  • conservation of wildlife and local culture
  • research of wildlife
  • promotion of tourism and community development

The society always aims to ensure local participation that enables, educates and empowers local people. It endeavors to find uses for natural wastage which can meet the increasing demands of a growing population. Using environment friendly technology minimizes the impact and keeps within the principles of conservation of wildlife and their habitat i.e. forest and biodiversity as a whole.


The current Management Committee is:

Mr Basu Dev Dhungana, President
Mr Sher Bh Pariyar, Vice President
Mr Basu Dev Chapagain, Secretary
Mr Birendra Mahato,  Treasurer
Mr Peter Soon (Belgium), International Advisor
Mr Heinz Kintz (Germany) International Co-Ordinator
Mr Narayan Dhakal (USA) International Co-Ordinator



1. To educate the Children: Most the parents are uneducated, so they can not help their children to do homework and other educational activities. So we provide this kind of children educational help.
2. To educate the teachers: Our Teachers are teaching in traditional method, so we are giving them to teach modern ways.
3. We provide volunteer to teach not only students but also teacher.

Training the local community:

1. We provide different kind s of training to the community, to make them aware of environment, educations, health, and local problem,
2. Give vocational training, which helps them to make independent in financial sector.


1. We organize time to time Seminars to educate the local to understand the problems they are having.
2. To make them realize how important it is to take part in protection of Environment and Bio-diversity.


1. Time to time we invite the professional to give idea, why they need to involve in social work ? what kind of contribution one need to give for the society.
2. These kind of workshop helps people to take serious part in social work.


1. GSN will help to do plantation to protect the Bio-diversity.

Refuse and litter collection:

1. Our main motto is to Re- use the wastage, like Elephant dung, out of which we are making paper. Elephant dung is use to make paper, which has created the work place for more than 6 women and its products are soled the tourist as souvenir.

Our Main Donar

• Africa Luz Deutschland - Global Eye Missions
Augenlicht für Afrika: africa-luz.org