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Health Clinic
People living around the village are in a marginal income group. Due to the lack of education and finances, they do not have regular health check ups. They go to hospital only when they are completely ill. Sometimes it is too late, causing more serious illnesses and sometimes death.

This could be prevented by check ups in the early stages of an illness.
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The Green Society Nepal

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The Green Society Nepal is a Non Profit Organization and Environmental Charity (registered at Chitwan in Nepal.) with strong Humanitarian and Social concerns for the local people in Chitwan District as well as in Nepal.

It was founded in November 2007 initially supported by Hotel Parkside Proprietor Sher Bahadur Pariyar but now working with Different Organizations on world.


  • Established social and economic development of natural goods and services, improving livelihoods and quality.
  • Establidhed quality education for our society.


  • Conserving bio divesity.
  • Ensuring the sustainable use of renewable natural resources.
  • Sesuring sustainable livelihoods.
  • To support education for poor people.


  • Imporving the livelihoods and education of local people.
  • Imporving bio diversity local area.


  • The organization shall be a welfare non profit - making organization.
  • This organization shall be active in preserving bio-diversity.
  • This organization shall assist for quality education for our society.
  • This organization shall be assist for health program.
  • This organization shall be active in making environment green
  • This organization shall be active for re-use of the wasted materials doing refining process. For example: Paper making from elephants dung paper.
  • This organization shall assist for market management for local skill means materaials additional production by refinding and modifing goods.
  • This organization shall be active for tourism promotion creating awareness to the local consumers in bio-diversity protection.
  • To take initiative working for joint venture program with similar organizations, partner organization.

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